Not Listening To Your Body

The body has the most impressive internal communications system.  The brain receives countless signals from all over the body every second most of which we are unaware of or have no control over.  Very often when we are exercising we don’t necessarily feel any pain and yet the body is constantly giving us feedback, which we need to pay attention to.  The feedback comes in the form of varying signals such as stiffness; deep aches; tightness; lack of breath; or an uncomfortably rapidly beating heart that the body uses to let us know what is happening inside.

Throughout the day we perform many physical tasks such as walking, bending and twisting that have become second nature and we do not really think or pay attention to how we do them.  However we cannot have the same mindset when it comes to exercise.  Exercise is a stress to the human body and like all stressors it can have a positive or negative effect.  We need to pay careful attention and give thought to what muscles we are supposed to be working when doing various exercises and learn to correctly interpret the body’s signals while exercising.

Therefore it is vital for us to be in tune with our bodies that we often take for granted and dismiss the idea that when we are young we can do anything to our bodies!  Many unnecessary injuries, conditions and diseases can be avoided by simply listening to your body especially when it comes to exercise.

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