No Pain No Gain

This is an old school principle when it comes to exercising.  While it is important to strain muscles when one wants to do strength training I have clients who believe they have to literally break their bodies or need to be in some sort of physical pain for the exercises to be effective for them.  You may not actually experience pain while doing the exercises however an hour later or even the next day you may wonder why you have back ache or some other joint-related pain.  The major flaw with this type of approach to training is that people often cannot differentiate between good and bad pain and very often end up compromising their joints and nerves.

Pain in the body is a sign and indication that something is either wrong or a particular body structure like a joint or nerve is taking strain or being compressed.  Although pain is relative for all of us it is vital to be able to differentiate between muscles stretching, or working hard, and joints or nerves being compressed.  A good example of this is when people are stretching muscles around a particular joint.  In order to get a stretch they often have to place the joint in an unnatural position and very often what people experience as a stretch is actually joint compression.  The irony here is that your stretches can be the reason you are feeling stiff in your joints.  If you are unsure about doing a particular stretch or exercise I would suggest seeking expert advice before continuing.

Here is a quick tip when stretching, you should always feel the particular muscle you want to stretch and pay close attention to other parts of the body that may be taking strain and straight away change or correct your technique or stop the stretch immediately.

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