More To Core Than Abdominals

When we think about the word core we think about the centre of a body or structure.  So when we look at the human body from the front we see that the central muscles are the abdominals.  This muscle group has received much attention because it is proposed that strengthening your abdominals does not only help prevent back pain, but also enhances a flattening stomach.  However your core muscles consist of more than just your abdominal muscles.

This “core approach” to exercise is actually doing damage to our bodies, particularly the back!  The “core muscles” consist of all the large trunk muscles collectively, including the: latissimus dorsi (Lats); pectorals; obliques; trapezius; serratus anterior; glutes and hip flexors. In order to perform physical tasks your body has to be able to generate power.  The correct synergistic functioning of these large trunk muscles is what creates tremendous power in your body, but they must work collectively to do so.

One of the big mistakes we make when doing core exercise is isolating each muscle group instead of training these muscles together.  Many shoulder and neck problems are the result of us generating our power from the smaller muscles in our body and not activating and tapping into the large power generating muscles.  Furthermore a major health benefit of training these core muscles collectively/synergistically is that your joints and stabilizing muscles are protected.

Therefore the next time you train find exercises that work out more than your abdominals.  Carl will be blogging on a weekly basis for  You can contact Carl for more information on how to move naturally or to make an appointment on 076 5243705 or