Keeping Your Back Straight

We are continuing with some of the common mistakes people make when they exercise and the idea of keeping your back straight when you exercise has to be one of the biggest mistakes I see in my practice and gym.  When we look at a healthy spine we see that the spine is definitely not straight.  In fact having a flat spine is described medically as an abnormal posture. When we look at the spine we clearly see that the spine has curves and therefore it is essential to maintain these curves throughout our lives and especially while doing exercises.

The reason we are often instructed to keep our backs straight is because we have the tendency to round our lower back when we bend down or do squats and so we over-correct by keeping our backs straight in order to compensate.  Lower-back pain has become an epidemic and therefore gets a lot of attention, however when you try to keep your back straight you tend to flatten the upper-back and neck simultaneously which compresses their joints and strains the muscles and nerves.  It is important to pay attention to how your upper-back and neck is feeling when you are doing your exercises.

The problem we face is that our modern day lifestyles and work environments have a negative impact on our spines.  Therefore our overall posture throughout the day plays a vital role when we exercise as poor posture will affect the curves and flexibility in the spine which ultimately affects our ability to exercise in good positions.

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