Holding Your Breath While Exercising

It is important to breathe correctly while exercising especially when doing strengthening and core exercises. Holding your breathe while doing exercises is very inefficient and strenuous for your body.

Here are just a few common reasons why people hold their breath while exercising:

  • Trying to activate the deep core muscles or have a flat stomach by drawing in the navel to spine (sucking in your belly button action) counter balances the body’s natural breathing mechanics and requires a lot of concentration that people literally forget to breathe. This particular approach to activating the deep core muscles is unnatural for the body and the action of breathing naturally has a better affect on activating the core muscles.

  • Lifting heavy weights requires people to brace their abdominals and again shifts their attention from how they should be breathing.

  • Their main focus is on technique and the muscles they want to work, subsequently giving no or little attention to proper breathing.

The next time you do any exercise always try to breathe out when you are doing the most work. Here is why this is so important:

  • Exhaling while doing strength and core training decompresses the body and spine.

  • Exhaling releases the diaphragm which is one of your largest muscles in your body and has a huge affect on activating the core systems in your body and increasing spinal mobility.

  • Brings down your blood pressure especially when doing heavy exercises above your head.

  • Releases tension in the nerves which has many other affects on the body.

I hope this post will help you the next time you exercise and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about breathing and exercising.  Carl will be blogging on a weekly basis for thesportseagle.co.za. You can contact Carl for more information on how to move naturally or to make an appointment on 076 524 3705 or carlwellness@gmail.com