Exercising In Unnatural Positions

It may come as a surprise to you that the human body and particularly the Abdominal and Glutei muscles are not designed to be exercised lying down on your back, hands and knees, side or in plank positions.  When we lie down on our backs, our joints and muscles naturally relax because we have unloaded them.  To let the body rest is usually the idea behind lying down or sleeping.

Exercising the body lying down on our back requires our body to use muscles and joints in a way they were never designed to be used.  These exercises place tremendous stress and strain throughout the whole body especially the lower back and neck.  The next position is exercising on our hands and knees.

Here are a few concerns with these types of exercises:

  • Many women complain of wrist pain in this position as tremendous strain is placed through the wrists when they have to lift the opposite arm and leg in the air.

  • The neck muscles are strained trying to keep the correct head alignment as it fights gravity in this position.

  • Trying to get into the right position with your back without the help of a trainer or Biokineticist increases the risk of injuring your back and neck.

  • Finally this is not a natural position for the body to exercise.

The other positions are the side-lying and plank positions.  These positions place tremendous stress through the elbows, shoulders and lower back and are completely unnatural and unfavourable to the human body.  Therefore the most natural and safest position to move and exercise our body is standing up.

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