Doing Sit-Ups!

Sit-ups has been one of the mainstream core exercises for many years however as medical science advances in the understanding of how the body works it is now clear that this core exercise has many negative effects on the body, especially the lower back and neck.  Here are just a few concerns related to the exercise and why you need to cut sit-ups out of your gym or exercise program.

  • Sit-ups place large compressive forces through your discs in your lower and upper back.

  • This exercise promotes poor posture as you curl up and round your upper spine.

  • The neck muscles and joints take on huge strain even if you are supporting your neck.

  • It increases tension in your nerves especially your sciatic nerve.

  • You overwork your large hip flexor muscles in the front of your body which are attached to your lower back and is one of the many reasons you may experience lower back pain or stiffness doing sit-ups.

  • Your internal organs are unnaturally compressed as you curl up.

  • You become inflexible in the front of your body which causes lower back and posture problems.

Finally sit-ups are not a NATURAL way to train your core muscles and even though the stomach muscles do lift you up from a lying down position, this is not their primary role.  If you think about how often in a day you get up from a lying down position and now you go and do 100 sit-ups you can see how this is unnatural.  Therefore I would recommend adding functional and safe core exercises to your exercise program.

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  • September 18, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Does lying over a fit ball doing sit ups help – or still bad?

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