The 7 wonders of the sporting world 

For years, people have enjoyed the thrills of sports. Whether they enjoy the endorphine rush from the physical exertion, being able to rack up points or find a second family in their teammates, sports make the lives of those who play and watch the matches significantly more exciting. 

Today at The Sports Eagle, we’ll be discussing these incredible sports games and how people have reacted to them over the years.


Of all the sports in the world, there is no doubt that football is the most popular and beloved sports game. This is because when there are games being played, various cultures from around the world turn on the TV or find a streaming service online and watch which team wins the match

Additionally, this football is so beloved that over 200 million people say that they’ve participated in playing football, regardless of whether it’s a professional or leisure. With all this information in mind, it’s clear that football has a great impact on the world, so much so that when you find yourself going on an international trip, you’re sure to find some like-minded people who enjoy a good game of football.

In terms of overall popularity, football is particularly famous in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. With these being some of the world’s largest continents, it’s no surprise that football is the most popular sport in the world. 

Finally, football is so beloved by a lot of people that even the world of cryptocurrencies has its eggs in this basket. Yes, you read that right, one of the most lucrative investments in the world today is connected to football! 

Called ‘Chiliz’ ($CHZ), this currency allows you to have a hand in influencing your favourite soccer team’s next move! That when you buy its token, you have voting rights to many of your favourite team’s polls and see how fans like you can make your mark on the history of your favourite team.  


Next on this list of the most popular sports games in the world is cricket. Sporting 2.5 billion fans around the world, this sport is functionally similar to baseball. Wherein one player throws a ball, while another has to hit it using a paddle, in contrast to America’s baseball bat.

Whenever a thrilling cricket game is on, especially if it’s the Cricket World Cup, people flock to their chosen viewing channel and take the time to watch the momentous gaming occasion about to unfold. 

This sport is so popular that whenever CWC is up, at least 2 billion, or a little less than its overall global fan population, stop whatever they’re doing and watch cricket games. With this great number of fans, a lot of brands see the games themselves and the players as lucrative profit-making opportunities. So you can thank a lot of brands for making this sport continuously active and more content for you to watch.

When looking for the places where cricket is most popular, you can visit Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, parts of Europe and India. 

Meanwhile, regular competitions of this sport are still impressive as there are at least 200 million viewers of regular cricket games on a regular basis.  

Though as you’ve noticed, there’s a clear absence of North America. You may have guessed why this is so. It’s because they already have their own cricket: baseball. 


First appearing in the late 19th century, Basketball was developed in the United States. Created to allow students to have a fun sporting event during the rainy season, basketball became one of the most beloved games by schools in the USA.

With this in mind, it’s clear why Basketball’s main fanbase is in the USA, especially when NBA games are played. As the USA becomes more and more influential all over the world, so did basketball. More and more people are then influenced by this game and have adapted the game to their own cultures. 

In fact, Asian countries such as Japan, China and the Philippines have been influenced by the game and another part of North America, Canada, also enjoys a good game of basketball. 

Additionally, one of the most thrilling parts of basketball is the incredible athletes it produces. Making these players not only basketball superstars but also world-famous faces of pop culture. So much so that these athletes have been given lucrative endorsement opportunities, especially with sporting goods like Nike, Addidas and much more.  


Though this game is mostly associated with North America, hockey is pretty popular around the world as well, particularly in middle eastern countries and former British colonies. This is because hockey can be played on an ice rink or a grassy field. 

Because of this modular playing method and the influential effects of the aforementioned countries, over 2 billion people globally follow hockey. The numbers will even increase if the game being played on TV or streaming services is the National Hockey League (NHL).

Thanks to the great number of hocket viewers, popular sports brands have been known to sponsor the many hockey games you’re seeing on TV or are streaming them online.   


Many of the sports games on this list are played in teams. Teams that are usually filled with at least 5-point team members have to combat teams of the same number. In tennis, this is not the case. This is because here, the battles only usually include 1 (Singles matches) or 2 (doubles matches) players per match. Additionally, out of all the games here, it’s only in tennis where women and men can compete against each other. Though this only occurs through doubles matches wherein both partners has one man and one woman.

One of the most incredible things about tennis is that there are new players that come every year, adding new thrills and excitements to matches. After all, when new players enter the game, you’ll never really know what to expect from matches. 

Though tennis is primarily played and watched by European and North American players, it’s actually pretty popular around the globe, with over 1 billion people watching the events worldwide. With many local players in every country, new tennis events are always looked forward to, especially with the aforementioned new players that frequently come. 


Despite its fanbase being relatively smaller when compared to the other games on this list, volleyball’s fanbase is some of the most passionate fanatics in the world of sports. With over 900 million fans enjoying the game and it is a popular varsity game in many schools, this game is well-beloved by a lot of alumni and students of certain high schools and colleges. 

When speaking of its fanbase, volleyball is incredibly popular in North and South America, Western Europe, Australia, and Asia. Though unlike many of the games on this list, it’s rare for volleyball games to be televised internationally unless it’s during the Olympics. 

Additionally, one of the most unique features of volleyball is its gender association. Though yes, this game is popular regardless of the players are men or women, however, it’s become more associated with female players rather than men. This is a big contrast to many sports games that have become dominated by men.

When it comes to peak viewership, volleyball games have become one of the most-watched sporting events during the Summer Olympics. After all, when people talk about volleyball, one of the most popular imagery regarding the game is a summer fun outing on the beach.

Table Tennis aka Ping Pong

Much like volleyball, table tennis is relatively not as popular as the other sports on this list. However, much like volleyball again, the sport’s followers are incredibly passionate fans of the game. With over 870 million fans, table tennis is an intricate hobby whose games are heavily publicized in the local area it’s being played. 

Though this all changes whenever there’s a table tennis match in the Olympics. This game is particularly popular in Asian countries, especially China. In fact, the Chinese even have their own way of holding the paddle called the ‘Chinese penhold’, wherein the player, as the name suggests, holds the handle of the paddle like a pen, while the paddle itself is facing downwards, unlike the usual hold. 

One of the most beloved features of table tennis is that everyone can play the game. With it being a mostly low-impact sport, you’re not required to do heavy jumps, runs or any other big movements required by the other games on this list. That as long as you can keep your eye on the ball and be able to follow and hit it with the right amount of strength, you’re able to win the game.

Also, despite the game being increidbly popular in China, it’s also popular in other parts of Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

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