Sports fans are witnesses to some of the most competitive athletes and teams around. But sometimes, when the spirit of competition gets too fired up, some players are willing to do whatever it takes to gain an advantage over their opponent.

Several dirty tactics and cheating scandals have been uncovered in the sporting world over the years, and The Sports Eagle has made a list of five of them here:

Rosie Ruiz’s unbelievable finish

Rosie Ruiz was a Cuban-American immigrant who was known for having her Boston Marathon title stripped from her eight days after she supposedly finished the run. Ruiz participated in the female category of the marathon in 1980 and finished in a record time of 2:31:56. It would’ve been the fastest run set by a female marathoner ever, if not for some suspicions raised by the other runners.

Some runners said that Ruiz wasn’t sweaty when she finished the run and that her physique is less lean than the average runner. Others say they didn’t notice her throughout the course. Finally, spectators and outsiders reported Ruiz rode the subway and reappeared half a mile from the finish line.

Nelson Piquet Jr’s crash

Nelson Piquet Jr is a racecar driver who made headlines for crashing in the 2008 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix to help his teammate Fernando Alonso win the race. The crash happened in the 14th lap of the race, just after Alonso made a pit stop. The safety car was brought out following the crash as per the rules, prompting other racers to make their pit stops as well. Since Alonso already made his pit stop, he took the lead when the race resumed.

Piquet Jr previously stated that the crash was a simple mistake, but after his Renault team dropped him, he revealed that it was the team’s management that asked him to deliberately crash his car.

Tim Donaghy’s money-making calls

Tim Donaghy isn’t an athlete, but a referee for the NBA. Donaghy was known to have gotten himself under a huge debt and tried to make more money through sports betting. In 2007, it was revealed that an FBI investigation found that an NBA official was betting on games and controlling the point spread.

It was soon discovered that Donaghy had a gambling problem. This is why he resorted to sports betting, particularly in the NBA. While he is working, he would make calls that would favour the team he bet on, much to the disappointment of the league.

The Hand of God

Footballer Diego Maradona was playing for the Argentinian team in the 1986 FIFA World Cup. The team made it to the quarter finals where they fought against England. Six minutes into the game, Maradona positioned himself behind England’s goalkeeper Peter Shilton and tried to contest the incoming ball. Both Shilton and Maradona jumped with their arms outstretched. It is believed that the ball touched Maradona’s hand first before it went all the way to the goal.

Since FIFA didn’t have the technology to properly observe the footage of the goal, the point was awarded to Argentina. When Maradona was asked about the controversial goal, he responded that it was his head and the ‘hand of God’ that helped his team prevail over England.

Tonya Harding’s attack on Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan are figure skating rivals who are set to take part in the US Figure Skating Championships. This tournament will determine who will represent the country in the 1994 Winter Olympics. However, days before the tournament, Kerrigan was reportedly struck in her lower right thigh by a telescopic baton, rendering her unable to compete.

Later on, it was discovered that the attack was planned by Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and Shawn Eckardt. Gillooly and Eckardt hired Shane Stant to assault Kerrigan. The co-conspirators then claimed that Harding was also involved in the attack. Harding’s skating career went downhill following the scandal.

In life, some rules are being broken and bent. Its consequences may still be small. However, breaking the rules in sporting events will always result in something terrible for the violator. Hopefully, the scandals on this list will serve as a warning for inspiring athletes not to transgress the rules that have been laid out.

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