Vaughan V. Jaffer: Cricket banter continues 

Quite recently, both cricketers Michael Vaughan and Wasim Jaffer were spreading some hilarious banter on Twitter that their fans were loving. This now-legendary banter was birthed when Vaughan’s and Jaffer’s teams of England and India respectively, faced one another in a cricket tournament.  

It was Michael Vaughan who started their upcoming hilarious competition through a funny video that was a response to Wasim Jaffer’s current performance in the Legends League Cricket tournament as he played for the India Maharajas.

In this performance, Jaffer ducked against his team’s opponents, the World Giants during the tournament’s second game. Seeing the hilarity in the situation, Vaughan created an equally hilarious video wherein he was starring.

Vaughan was seen sipping some juice as he showed the viewers his phone. In it, was a scorecard that showcases Jaffer being dismissed for ducking during the second game of the tournament. After showing this scorecard, Vaughan then sarcastically said out loud, ‘Somethings don’t change Wasim!’

To add insult to injury, Vaughan tagged Jaffer on this video tweet and said, ‘Hope you are ok Wasim Jaffer’.

Like many other sportsmen, Wasim was competitive and would not let Vaughan get the best of him in their epic Twitter joke battle. Wasim was able to find the perfect comeback to Vaughan: an old masterclass video that starred the latter. 

Jaffer then retweeted Vaughan’s video and added both a screenshot of a funny video titled, ‘Michael Vaughan Natwest Cricket Masterclass’ and the caption was ‘Haha very good Michael In hindsight shouldn’t have watched this masterclass before going to bat’,

With each player wanting to up the wittiness factor and one-up one another, this jokey game they played against one another was something many of their fans were happy to see going on. That as each player was mocking either the other’s performance or their teams, their mocks got more frequent and hilarious. 

As seen from the post above, the two men were always willing to go deep into social media and find potentially embarrassing videos, tweets and a variety of other hilariously embarrassing evidence against their comedic competitor. 

In fact, another of their latest battles did just that, but this time, it was Jaffer who started. 

He began mocking Vaughan by talking about England’s recent all out for 68 in the Ashes series. Jaffer then continued to mock the English cricketer by searching for older tweets of Vaughan sharing his dissatisfaction about India’s performance in the 2019 New Zealand tour for the ODI series.

The tweet by Vaughan spoke about how India was all out on 92 but embarrassingly  lost without even scoring a hundred. Seeing the parallel between the two events and that Vaughan’s team was lower than Jaffer’s, the latter posted a video of himself viewing the tweet and said, ‘England 68 all out, Michael Vaughan. Ashes.’

Being a good sport, Vaughan retweeted the video with the caption, ‘Very good Wasim’.

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