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Welcome to The Sports Eagle: Super Sporting Stories! For the past 5 years, our goal is to tell you all about your favourite sporting stories. From classic favourites like football and basketball to modern marvels like eSports, know that you’ll be reading about them on our site every day. 

Due to these types of operations, we were able to gain a significant number of viewers that are even beyond what we’ve wanted. Like any athlete, this kind of support from our supporters is truly humbling. Though it’s easy for us to think that we’ve made you happy simply because of our incredible skills, we need to have the discipline to remember that this thought is not entirely true. 

This is because, without the proper values, our talent in writing will be for nothing. Something like an incredible athlete who got complacent and left training will surely experience. To ensure we’re not like this athlete, we’ve given ourselves exciting goals and beliefs to follow through our mission and vision statements and the core values to make them a reality. 


  • To be a central news site of all your favourite sporting events.
  • To be a trusted news site that only speaks of the truth.
  • To be also an entertainment website that speaks about the fun moments of your favourite athletes and sports teams. 
  • To create an environment of writers where each member can enjoy their job every day.


A leading sports news site that speaks about every aspect of the sporting world through trustworthy and entertaining articles. 

Core values

As mentioned above, these incredible mission and vision statements will remain as they are if we’re not properly empowered. Much like an athlete, we need the right mindset to give us the will to be disciplined, hardworking and need to give you excellence. 

So with that in mind, below are the essential core values we follow every day to ensure you’re getting your much-needed sports news. 


For many sports sites, it’s easy to focus on a specific sport for every article. To be honest with you, we even experience this want for an easy way out from time to time. However, when we do this, we’d end up not giving everyone an article they want to read. 

So by having this virtue as part of our core values, we’d be able to talk about all sporting events coming out and satisfy the fanbase of each of them. For us to be well-rounded, we’ve set departments for every sport so that not every writer will be vying for another topic about a popular sport.


In our fast-paced world, it’s hard to stay relevant. Luckily, we can retain your attention by being on top of all the latest happenings in the sports world and even the speculated events that you may or may not know.