Understanding Posture

In my previous post I discussed the common mistakes people make when trying to improve posture and I suggest referring back to it for a fuller understanding.  For many of us growing up we remember our parents reminding us to sit upright or no’t slouch when you are standing. Maintaining good standing and sitting posture is essential for a long term healthy body and internal organs. Since many of us are at work or behind a desk I thought about addressing the sitting posture in this post.

Sitting is not the cause of poor posture.  It is the chairs we sit in and more importantly chairs that are 90 degree angled, which is almost all the chairs we sit in. The reason why these chairs are a problem is that our hips become the same height as our knees forcing our pelvis to rotate backwards straining our lower back and causing our upper back to collapse or slouch. Many people believe that the reason we slouch while sitting is caused by a weak core however having the strongest core in the world will not make the hips higher than the knees while sitting, and in fact trying to have a good sitting posture in these chairs strains the back and neck even more.

A simple solution and one that does not require you to spend thousands on a new chair is to simply to try to get your hips higher than your knees by placing a pillow or cushion on your chair. You may have to adjust your computer set up to your new sitting position. You should notice or experience that with your hips higher than your knees you are able to get into a more relaxed and ideal posture. Remember the height of your desk is also a key factor but this is not always easy to make simple adjustments to. Be aware not to mistake raising the height of the chair with raising your body in the chair. A small tip to finish off with is to try and change sitting positions or get out of your chair every 30 minutes as even remaining in a good seated position for too long can strain the body.

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