UJ Defeats Madibaz In The Rain

UJ drew first blood in a very wet opening match to come out victorious over NMMU on Monday in Varsity Cup rugby.  What started off as a very wet opening in Johannesburg, came to a dramatic pause due to the heavy rain and lightning, minutes after the home side opened the scoring with a penalty kick in the 11th minute.  The Madibaz came out guns blazing as soon as the game resumed but failed to convert the penalty.

But the home side, who made a determined start to the opening match of the tournament, converted their second penalty to make the score 6 – 0.  NMMU-Madibaz, who weren’t going to let UJ dominate the first half fought back with a strong defence which UJ struggled to penetrate through, and to their detriment, were caught sleeping by a very hot-blooded NMMU-Madibaz, who converted a penalty just before the half-time whistle blew.  The nail-biting action continued in the second half with UJ steadily holding onto their 6-3 lead against the NMMU.

Seven minutes into the second half, with the home crowd cheering on the Orange Army,  UJ snuck in another penalty to take the score to 9-3.  UJ showed no sign of being stopped after another successful penalty conversion and were holding onto a comfortable lead by the 60th minute.   NMMU weren’t going to let UJ relish in all the glory when they equalised with UJ, after scoring the first try of the match and converting a well-executed penalty from a tight angle to take the score to 12-12.

UJ soon followed suit and scored the second try of the match, successfully converting the subsequent conversion, to secure a 19-12 victory over NMMU and kick off their 2016 Varsity Cup campaign with a bang!

Photo credit: SASPA