The Body’s Power House

From our everyday activities to active and intense sports, your body needs to generate power to perform these tasks.  The muscles you use to generate this power is key as not all the muscles in your body are designed to generate power.  The body’s core is generally referred to as the power house, however it is important to clarify just exactly what is the core.  I often hear people say they have a strong core because they have a flat stomach and strong abdominals.  The core is essentially all the large powerful muscles surrounding the torso and is not just the six pack abdominal muscles on the front of the body.

Training the core has become mainstream in all exercise programmes as having a strong core is essential for posture and helping prevent lower back pain.  We tend to train our core at the gym and then when we have finished we continue with our lives and for some of us our lives require us to perform many heavy and intense movements.  The key thing to remember is that we need to discover how to use our core in every day activities such as closing doors, moving objects, carrying or lifting objects and even other smaller tasks such as getting up from our chairs. Yes we need to use our core even getting out of our chairs.

Next time you are required to do something heavy or carry something you will often notice that your back, neck or even shoulders are complaining from taking the load.  This is where you need to shift the load onto your core muscles.  Here are a few tips on how to use your core when doing everyday activities:

  • Anticipate how heavy the object you are about to lift or move.
  • Do not keep your back straight especially your upper back, try to have a relaxed posture.
  • Think before you move – be aware of the muscles you want to use such as your glutei and abdominal muscles.
  • Take the strain or load in your core muscles and not in your other joints.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have any comments about core training.

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