Table Tennis Sees Singapore Grab Gold

The table tennis event at the Commonwealth Games took place at Scotstoun and it was Singapore who dominated the entire event and swiped up most of the medals.  The women’s singles saw the Singaporeans do damage to their competitors.  Ye Lin got a bronze medal after winning 4-0 as Tianwei Feng and Mengyu Yu battled for the gold.  Feng ended up victorious after the game ended 4-1.

The men’s double saw the Asian nation in the spotlight yet again.  Zin Yang and Jian Zhan managed to win the bronze medal.  Playing for the gold medal was India and Singapore with the island nation coming out on top again as they won 3-1.  Achanta Sharath Kamal and Anthony Amalraj took the silver for India and the gold went to Ning Gao and Hu Li.