Rosberg Wins Mexican Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg won the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix, a first after 23 years at Hermanos Rodríguez, beating teammate Lewis Hamilton.  After a two decades absence on the F1 calendar, Mexico finally returned to the radar.  The last time the event was hosted on Mexican soil, was in 1992 and Nigel Mansell was triumphant for Williams who were a top team back then.

Rosberg started on pole position, a berth which has befallen him in the last four races.  The race started off calmly as all the drivers were trying to familiarise themselves with the surface.  On the fourth lap, Hamilton closed in on Rosberg after Kimi Raikkonen was told by his team that he’s brakes were too hot. 

Things started to become more intense between teammates Rosberg and Hamilton on the 29th lap as the rest of the pack were a long way back and the two turned the race into a Mercedes duel.  On the 40th lap, there was a gap between the two Merc drivers as they kept drifting way wards with Hamilton 2.9 seconds behind the race leader, Rosberg.  Sebastian Vettel kept a close eye on the two front men and refused to surrender his pace for anything.

The race continued to intensify, on the 46th lap Mercedes got on the radio to Rosberg saying:  ‘The gap to Lewis is …’ and before they could finish the sentence Rosberg responded with:  ‘Don’t tell me anymore!’  By the 51st lap, Rosberg had regained the lead and elsewhere in the pack Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo were having a go at each other for position five.  Vettel crashed out of the race at lap 53 leaving Valtteri Bottas to sneak in at third position.

On the last two laps, it became a Mercedes duel with both Hamilton and Rosberg looking to win it, in the end there was no stopping Rosberg from winning the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix.

Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images