Robinson Castellanos Must Fight Jhonny Gonzalez

World Boxing Council President, Mauricio Sulaiman, has confirmed that Robinson Castellanos is the official challenger for the WBC featherweight championship, which is in the grasp of Jhonny Gonzalez.  On Monday, Castellanos convincingly defeated Rocky Juarez, conquering the WBC silver featherweight title, and that blazed the trail to Gonzalez.  “The fight and their performances were spectacular.  I think it was a great bout and a bloody one.  Castellanos was punished in round 9 and 10, but he won well.  He’s earned the opportunity to fight  Jhonny Gonazalez, and he’s his next challenger,” said Sulaiman.  Promoter, Fausto Daniel Garcia, was thrilled with the Robin´s performance. saying, “He was able to overcome adversities.  He  had the conviction and determination to fight to victory.”

Robinson will rest some weeks for recovering from the injuries he suffered to his eyebrows.  Jhonny looks set to fight Gary Russell Jr.  The winner will fight against Castellanos, confirmed Sulaiman.  This was decided during the last WBC Convention namely that Robin Vs Rocky is a final eliminatory bout.

There’s also another eliminatory bout  between Philippinne Marvin Sonsona and Puerto Rican, Jayson Velez.  “We will be waiting for  Jhonny to fight Gary, to settle a date,” explained Dr Fausto, who added that Robin might solely focus on getting ready to fight Gonzalez,  or he might consider a sharpening up bout.