Posture Mistakes We Make

In the next few blog posts I want to talk about why good natural posture is essential for a healthy body, spine and active lifestyle and how we can improve our posture. Posture has to do with the arrangement and alignment of all the joints in your body. Our modern day lifestyles and technology have seriously compromised our posture which is accelerating the body’s ageing processes like arthritis. If you are someone who pays attention to posture here are a few common mistakes people make when trying to improve posture:

  1. I must keep my back straight, or sit upright. If you have seen a picture of the spine it is definitely not STRAIGHT. Often people are recommended to think tall however thinking tall causes you to flatten your upper back which will compress your upper back joints and flatten the natural curve in your neck which increases tension and strain in your neck muscles and nerves.

  2. I must hold my body in an ideal posture for as long as I can. This is not natural and places tremendous stress and strain through your joints, nerves and muscles and only leaves you discouraged when you cannot hold on any longer.

  3. If I have a strong core I will be able to sit in a good posture. While having a strong core is essential to good standing posture, your chair and desk set up have the biggest influence on your sitting posture.

  4. I must keep my shoulders back, again the shoulders are not meant to stoop forwards but they also are not designed to be flat against the back.

  5. Posture is only impacted by physical factors like sitting or doing things incorrectly. Posture has a strong emotional component. For example if you are proud, arrogant or defensive you tend to have an upright posture. We often confuse confidence with being arrogant but a confident posture should be a good natural posture, not upright or slouched. Likewise when someone is depressed or has a low self esteem they often present with a slouched posture. Our emotions and thought life have a major role in our posture.

When addressing your posture try to look at factors like the chair and desk set up or reasons you are standing in poor posture. I will go into more detail in my next post. 

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