Pacman Promises Pugilism Parade

Two thousand fans have arrived at the Convention Center of the Mandalay Bay f Las Vegas, celebrating the thrilling anticipated bout “Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao”.  Their main reason was to witness, enjoy and celebrate the arrival of their favourite fighters.  Pacquiao asked:  ‘Are you excited?’ before adding:  ‘I am ready for winning this May 2nd and I will get the triumph.  I will make history for you  and for boxing.  This is the Fight of the Century, this is (a) most important bout.’

Both Pacman and Floyd Mayweather vowed to do their job and fight a spectacular for the ages, during the final press conference before their epic clash, at the MGM Grand of Las Vegas this Saturday.  Mayweather has been insisting on his all-round overall  ringcraft superiority.  While the Filipino has promised a spectacular triumph for the Philippines.

The statements continue to come thick and fast, in combinations, bunches and clusters.  Upon but one fundamental point, they’re in full agreement and unison.  That this will indeed be one of the greatest fights in history.

Pacquiao says:  ‘ I want to invite everyone to witness this great fight “Mayweather vs Pacquiao.”  We are not enemies, we are just doing our job.  I want to thank all the fans from the Philippines and all around the world.  Thank you all for following this fight.’  Mayweather chipped in:  ‘We want to make history in boxing.  I feel great, I feel strong and I am prepared to win.’