No To Pro Boxers Vs Amateurs

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has upped the ante on the controversial International Boxing Association (AIBA) decision to include professional fighters at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.  Despite the Games being less than five months away, the AIBA has announced the possibility of pugilists competing at the Games.  The WBC had earlier expressed disapproval of this option, but has now turned the heat on its own rated boxers.

In a statement on Tuesday, the WBC says it has analysed the worldwide opinions of the boxing community, sports members and medical advice and has rejected the AIBA’s proposal outright.  The WBC has ruled that any world champion or top 15-ranked boxer in any of its divisions that participates at the Olympics would be immediately expelled.  It is not possible to imagine, much less acceptable to stage a fight between professional boxers, who already have a physical development and more advanced technical skills, facing young fighters that are just starting this process, the WBC says.

The statement went on to say:  ‘Boxing is not a game.  There is no scoring with goals or baskets.  Rather, it is a contact sport which must be taken seriously.  Reasoning must prevail, the function of all bodies must be always care and regulate the safety and healthcare of boxers.’