Needs and Emotions in Women’s Sport

Most competitions in women’s sport take place in conditions of conflict, and as a result, they have a multifaceted impact on the mental activity of the participants.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the activity during the game depends to a large extent on the level of development of the psycho-emotional, intellectual, and strong-willed spheres of athletes. Therefore, the study of the psychological factor in the process of achieving sportsmanship in the women’s team, which is characterized by specific psychological characteristics, is of considerable interest.

Emotions are the level of activation of our nervous system if you want adrenaline or norepinephrine. Specific neurons of the right hemisphere answer emotions and they are distinguished by high inertia. That is why we cannot calm down quickly. Each athlete has his level of activation of the nervous system, especially during the training. When it is exceeded, she loses the ability to control himself. In such cases, they say – “overwhelmed with emotions.”

Emotions and needs for women turn out to be the background that predetermines the peculiarities of our behavior at a particular moment — panic, fever, courage, jitters, apathy, or mobilization readiness for competitive struggle. Almost the same feelings people face when they participate in sports betting. However, women in sport for decades proved that they could easily manage their psychological condition when it comes to victory.

There is a simple trick, how to test the ability to manage your emotions. And it is not visiting the tanzania betting site. One  must answer the question, can you relax in a certain situation or not. The fact is that in our nervous system, there are only two processes – arousal and inhibition. The first is responsible for increasing the level of activation of the nervous system, the second for reducing. Excitation is tension (including muscles), inhibition – relaxation (including the balance of emotions). Learning to strain, no one needs – everyone knows how. But few can relax. Sisters Williams was taught this from the age of 13.

And for this, there are specific psychological techniques for women’s sports. Every time with a new athlete, coaches and doctors work out the peculiarities of his reaction in situations of the most significant wrestling, and they find individual methods of controlling and regulating our emotions. In the end, women learn how to be more focused and never lose their emotions and needs during important games better than regular fans who desire to win in super betting.

Without emotions, without a spirit of full commitment, in sport, in general, there is nothing to do. However, excessive emotions lead to fatal mistakes in the competitive struggle.

Many specialists say: “At competitions, there will come a moment when you lose the ability to control yourself, emotions will overwhelm, and everything will go as always.”