Mignon And Her Father

Cricket is known as an ‘Old boys game’.  We have seen so many legends in the game but all of them are men.  This never stopped Mignon Du Preez from achieving her goal of being a cricket player and now she is the captain of South Africa’s national women’s team – the Momentum Proteas.  “When I was four years old, my dad was coaching my brother’s Under-7 mini cricket team.  One day one of my brother’s teammates could not make it to the game in time and my dad insisted I help their team out at this mini cricket event,” she said.

Mignon also mentioned that at the end of the day she was named ‘Best Batsman’ for the day and that is when her love for the game started, “He always went out of his way to take me to cricket games where I was fortunate enough to meet some legends of the game.”  Jacques Du Preez said, “I have never doubted that Mignon would be a successful cricket player for a second.  From a very young age she applied so much precision and persistence.”  Du Preez Senior also mentioned that Mignon’s enormous amount of positive courage had ‘win-win’ written all over it.

Mignon’s father believes that a relationship between a father and a daughter is very important. “As a father, you’re an artist/sculptor.  You are given an open canvas.  Whatever you do forms pieces of reflecting mosaics in which you constantly lay down in your daughters life.”  Jacques also insists that fathers must be constantly involved in their daughter’s lives whether through conversation, activities or finding solutions.  “Your reward as a father is the masterpiece that you will manifest.  You’re the one that ensures there are no missing pieces,” he added.

“My dad definitely played a major role in the person that I’ve become,” Mignon added.  She also said that he taught her from a very young age that hard work will reap its rewards.  “My dad made sure that he never missed any of my sport games, except if it was out of his control,” she said.  She shared that on Father’s Day the family usually start the day off by spoiling him with breakfast in bed and also hand him gifts just as a small token of appreciation for all that he has done for them over the years.

“We usually then have a braai or home cooked meal where we as a family sit for hours and enjoy each other’s company,” she said.  Mignon also confessed that she still has some planning to do for this year’s Fathers Day but she will make sure her dad is spoiled.