#MayPac Round-By-Round

Floyd Mayweather has retained his welterweight world title belts as well as adding Manny Pacquiao’s WBO belt after a unanimous decision win against the Filipino at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  I decided to play judge for this one and here is my round-by-round breakdown.


A cautious start by both boxers with both men dancing around the centre of the ring.  Mayweather landed more punches including two straight rights and takes the round for me.
Mayweather 10-9


More toe-to-toe action in the second round with Pacquiao stalking Mayweather and landing a few combinations but the American avoids so well and lands his own counter-punches and takes this round too.
Mayweather 20-18


The Filipino far busier in the third and landed more punches than in the first two rounds.  Mayweather up to his usual tricks and it’s Pacquiao that just shades this one for me.
Mayweather 29-28


Cagey stuff but Pacquiao has Mayweather on the ropes on several occasions and appears to hurt the American.  Pacman’s power combinations ensures a win of the round in my book.
All square 38-38


Much better from Mayweather.  Back to the form he showed in the opening couple of rounds.  Lands punches, moves quickly and takes the round.
Mayweather 48-47


Pacquiao has Mayweather in the corner and on the ropes on several occasions and lands several combinations.  The American looks slick and quick but is found in the firing line too many times and loses this round on my score.
All square 57-57


A very even round in my book with both men landing their combinations.  In my book Mayweather had the better of the opening exchanges and just shades it.
Mayweather 67-66


The Filipino dominates the first minute of the round but Mayweather comes back well with his counter-punches and on the evidence of 180 seconds edges the round.
Mayweather 77-75


Another one of those rounds that could go either way but I fancy Pacquiao as he looked the slightly busier of the boxers although television commentator and world champion Andre Ward went with Mayweather.  I’ll stick with Pacman.
Mayweather 86-85


Cautious and cagey is the name of hte game in this round.  Pacquiao again does more for me and after the first of the championship rounds it’s all square on my card.
All square 95-95


I have to give this round to Floyd Mayweather.  He did more and even though Pacquiao threw a few combinations the American had the upper hand by and large for me.
Mayweather 105-104


I feel like I don’t have a clue how to score that round.  Mayweather simply stays away and displays his speed and evasive skills and even though so few punches were thrown, let alone landed, I reckon it has to go to the Michigan man.
Mayweather 115-113

And so “Money” remains unbeaten for me in what was a fight that lived up to the hype.  However that is my score card and I am not an official judge.  Here’s how the three judges scored it:

Burt A Clements (116-112)
Dave Moretti (118-110)
Glenn Feldman (116-112)

Clearly I thought it was a lot closer than the judges did although there were maybe two rounds that could have gone the other way so 116-112 seems about right.  Judge Moretti clearly thought it was a lot more one-sided.