Long-Term Protection Of Boxers

Day two of the 52nd World Boxing Council Convention at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada focused on boxers’ protection.  WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman, spoke about long term awareness and about the need for developing programs that fully fulfill goals established since 1975- the  year when his father Jose Sulaiman became leader.  The first key topic addressed was coordinating an “anti doping” system, aiming at avoiding consumption of illegal substances through continuous examinations.

“We will try to get the cooperation of boxers, managers and trainers to fulfill our goals.  Basically and  above all, we are trying to take care of boxers’ health.  We want to prevent any person causing damage to a rival via unfair advantage.  This is not a drugs hunting race.  It is about  make boxing the cleanest,” commented the WBC President, who is following the  Voluntary Anti Doping agency (VADA) protocols.

Sulaiman explained that an awareness campaign is being launched in gyms to keep boxers informed.  So that they clearly know the consequences of consuming substances, such as food supplements which can be detected in meticulous tests.  It was also decided that there will be the future launching of a programme designed to avoid unequal matches- bouts that fly in the face of integrity and the health of boxers.