Leonardo Senatore Signs With UAR

Argentina eighthman Leonardo Senatore has committed his future to Argentine rugby until at least the end of 2017.  Senatore, who played his second Rugby World Cup last month, signed with the UAR (Union de Argentina Rugby) until 31 December 2017.  The new deal means Senatore will be available for the country’s new Super Rugby franchise.

UAR president Carlos Araujo says:  ‘Leonardo is a player that any coach would want.  (He is) always leading from the front in terms of effort, work ethic and a desire to improve.  For us it is a great (sense of) happiness and of paramount importance to his presence, experience and commitment to play in the franchise and I have only words of gratitude to Leonardo in signing this deal.’

The Rosario player says:  ‘In weighing the decision it was appealing to play in this (Super Rugby) tournament play and also to be with my family in my country and so my child grows up in Argentina.  There are many things that influenced my decision.  As for Super Rugby I can say it has an impressive dynamic that will be difficult to find in another tournament.  It is clear that this is where you will see the best rugby.’