Learn To Move

We have discussed the mistakes people make when wanting to improve posture and how the chairs we sit in are one of the biggest factors that affect our posture in the previous posts.  Now let’s move to on to how we can make long-term sustainable changes to our posture.  As I mentioned before there are many factors that affect posture but when it comes to really making a difference to your posture the biggest secret is to learn how to move and use your body the way it was designed to move.  Just like anything that has been designed if you do not know how to use it, it will break down or simply not work.

Think about it, when did anybody ever teach you how to move or use your body? I remember at school we used to do physical education and as I recall there was little education and more physical training like sit-ups, push-ups and lunges followed by running around the field a couple of times and then finishing off with who can touch their toes.  If you have experienced back pain and been to a chiropractor or physiotherapist you may have been given some exercise advice or been taught how to lift objects from the floor safely. Many of us who have tried doing exercises to improve our posture have lost hope as we find the changes to our body do not last or it is just too painful to do and have looked for alternative treatments or methods to improve our posture.

So the question is why has no one taught us how to move?  The problem is there is a huge chasm between the medical industry and the fitness industry.  When we look at the medical advancement in understanding joints and the body and then look at the exercises we are doing, the two are in conflict.  As a Biokineticist I am simply questioning the way we are exercising and training our bodies.  Many of the exercises we do are not functional or natural for the body and place tremendous stress to our bodies and posture.

Therefore the way you move determines the muscles you use. If you move wrong you keep using the wrong muscles and straining your joints.  The key is to learn how to move!

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