Kagiso And His Mom

South Africa Under-19 fast bowler Kagiso Rabada is a star on the rise having played an important role in his side’s success at the ICC Under-19 World Cup in Dubai this year and secured a contract with the Highveld Lions but remains a humble and grounded young man thanks to the values and morals passed down to him by his parents, in particular by his mother Florence Rabada who is one of his biggest fans supporting him 100% in all that he does.  Kagiso changed sporting codes at school due to a medical condition and has moved forward to achieve what he claims is his “biggest achievement in cricket”.  Mrs Rabada is a working mom but never shied away from driving her son to his cricket practices and matches when he was younger supporting him through it all.

She and his father were at the World Cup final in Dubai this year to see their son represent his country and the fast bowler said, “Having my mother there was a very proud moment as I look up to her and it was a great feeling to have her there to see me achieve such a feat”.  For Mrs Rabada it was a proud moment as well and was “so surreal and still is”, but she is very proud of her son’s achievements.  Mrs Rabada is the firm hand in the family and she does not always watch her son play cricket as Kagiso’s dad has taken over that role now.  However she is the one who helps him see “the bigger picture”, keeping him grounded and is there to give him advice and motivation.

For Kagiso “having a good support system is very important” and he seems well set to achieve all that he aspires to thanks to the solid support system he has.  The Highveld Lions player is going to study Law as he believes that he may not always be able to play cricket and would like to have a law degree under his belt.  Yet another value instilled in him by his parents.  The South African paceman’s mother is very busy and works really long hours but on the weekends when she is free she cooks for her family.  Kagiso’s favorite dish by his mum is pap and lamb chops and her malva pudding.

Kagiso is the oldest of two children and a role model to his little brother who is following in his footsteps taking up cricket.  For Mother’s Day the Rabada’s plans have not been finalized yet but Florence Rabada says she is “thankful for all the little things that her son has done” for her and Kagiso is “a very thoughtful person.  As the only woman in a house of men I get spoilt a lot “.  One’s mother is always there through the good and the bad times which seems true for Kagiso Rabada whose mother has his back all the time.