Jaguars Extinguish Fireballs

The Gauteng Jaguars once again showed they are a force to be reckoned with when they beat their neighbours, the Golden Fireballs, 62-40 in their Brutal Fruit Netball Premier League match on Saturday night.  Although it was a heavy defeat for the Fireballs, it was a much better performance than their first round match, when they were beaten 66-29.  In fact, they outscored the Jaguars in the second and third quarters, by one and two goals respectively, but in the first and fourth quarters they were only able to score six goals in each.

Fireballs coach Martha Mosoahle-Samm made a number of changes after the first quarter, when the Jaguars were ahead by 19 goals to six.  One of her changes was moving goalkeeper Deanke Rohde to goalshooter, and the move proved very successful as Rohde responded to the challenge.  She also moved Thuli Qegu from centre to goalkeeper to  try to control the Jaguars shooters.

But while the Fireballs played better in the middle quarters, the Jaguars, back to full strength after playing without five of their stars last weekend, were just too good for them.  Their shooters were all effective.  Lindie Lombard came on for Melissa Myburgh as goal attack in the second half, and player of the match Lenize Potgieter looked completely in charge as goalshooters.

Coach Jenny Van Dyk said while she was pleased with the outcome, she was concerned about the lack of consistency:  ‘We won because we had a very good first quarter.  I want to have four good quarters.  I don’t believe the girls are playing to their full potential.  I told them they couldn’t expect to be called exceptional if they played average.  I want them to play exceptional.’  Mosoahle-Samm responded to the bad first quarter by making a number of changes.  She says:  ‘We were struggling to move the ball forward, and we also needed height in the attacking circle.  The changes worked well for two quarters, but in the final quarter, I think the players were tired.’

The Fireballs have not won a match so far.  Mosoahle-Samm said she was not thinking about the possibility of having to play in the promotion/relegation match:  ‘We have three matches left, and we will take each match as they come.’

Photo by: Christiaan Kotze/SASPA