Hoffman, Du Preez Claim Omnium Titles

Nolan Hoffman (Team Telkom) and Charlene Du Preez (Clover) emerged as the Elite National Champions when the 2016 South African Omnium Championships culminated at the Westbourne Oval on Sunday 3 April.  After a rain-free week that was dotted with windy days, Sunday’s sunny and clear weather was the perfect way to end the weeklong Championships.  The Elite Men’s winner expressed surprise at taking the victory.

Hoffman says:  ‘I really didn’t expect it at all.  I was very doubtful that I’d pull this one off so to take it is incredible.  I’m very happy.  It really was absolutely down to the last sprint so it made for an exciting event.’  Prior to the start of the National Championships, which kicked off with the SA National Track and Para-cycling Championships from Monday through to Friday and finished with the Omnium Champs on Saturday and Sunday, Hoffman wasn’t sure of what his form would be like due to recovering from an illness.  He says:  ‘I always say that you can’t set your expectations too high otherwise you disappoint yourself.  I set myself fairly moderate goals and did even better than I thought I would.  It’s definitely boosted my confidence going into the last three races of the first quarter of the year for me.  I’m super happy about that!’

Winning the Elite Women’s race, Du Preez secured victories in four of the six races.  She says:  ‘I didn’t expect to win and I went into the race with very little expectation.  I was good in the individual items, and then I stressed when I came third in the Elimination race – I wanted to go into the Points race with a bit of an advantage because I hadn’t specifically trained for that discipline.  I was lucky to go in with an 8-point advantage and I managed to keep it together.’  Du Preez did not race in the Track Champs last year but has heard that the level of Elite Women’s racing and the competition has increased considerably this year.  

She says:  ‘It’s a positive sign and it hasn’t all sunk in yet.  I’m very excited to where things are heading for me on the track and I hope that I can grab the opportunities that come my way.  My focus will definitely be on the track.  Cycling is one of the things that I do with all of my heart. It’s important to really love what you do and to always strive to do better.  Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.’  Newly crowned under-16 Boys National Champion, Keagan Bontekoning, is a newcomer to track cycling and his consistent top two places in all six Omnium events saw him take the crown.  Bontekoning is encouraging all cyclists to give racing on the track a go, saying:  ‘If I have one thing to say to my road friends, I would say just come and try it because it’s really awesome.  Racing on the track is fun and it can help you to grow as a cyclist a lot more.  It helps you with your mountain bike and road racing – a lot of people can come and do it.  It’s a good experience and you can go far with the skills learnt.  I’ve enjoyed my week for my first time on the track.  I really didn’t expect to do so well.  It’s my teammate’s (Rickardo Broxham) and my second time only on the track, so we’ve done quite well I think.  Of course a few disciplines have been a bit tricky with the tactics and that, but it’s been a great experience and we’ve learned so much.  It’s been awesome.’

Although young Kelsey Van Schoor (under-16 Girls) finished second to Ashleigh Parsons, she had an amazing time at the Championship event over the course of the week.  Van Schoor says:  ‘I took the Gold in the 200-metre Sprint and I didn’t quite think I would because I’m more of a Pursuit rider, but I lost in the Pursuit – so I thought that that was kind of ironic.’  Van Schoor’s goal was to win a National title, who says:  ‘Which is what I did, so I achieved my goal here.  I would ultimately like to be able to win both Pursuits and Sprints one day.’  

Cycling SA Track Commission Director, Gerhard Meyer, says:  ‘Track SA’s went fairly to plan – we had to make a few alterations to the programme due to the weather conditions because we had a lot of wind, and some days without wind, but that’s nature and how it affects an outdoor track.’  The Madison was the only event on the programme that had to be cancelled due to the conditions being deemed unsafe in the heavy winds on Friday and Saturday.  Meyer says:  ‘We tried to move the Madison to somewhere in between the Omnium Champs but it still couldn’t happen because of the wind. Our riders’ safety is our first priority.  The riders seemed to enjoy the venue and the officials and back office staff were brilliant – all in all it went really well.  The level of racing this year has been exceptional.  We had a huge entry field.  The Elite and Junior Men’s and Women’s entries are on the increase and the under-10 through to under-16’s races were impressive.’

The 2016 SA National Track, Para-cycling and Omnium Championships took place at the Westbourne Cycling Track in Port Elizabeth from Monday 28 March to Sunday 3 April, with the SA Track and Para-cycling Championships running from Monday 28 March to Friday 1 April and the SA Omnium Championships running from Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 April. more information about the event and full results, click here:http://www.cyclingsa.com/2016-sa-track-champs/ 

Summary of Results – SA Omnium Championships – 2-3 April 2016
Click here to download the full results: http://www.cyclingsa.com/s/20160403_Omnium-Result-Sheet-v3.pdf

1.Nolan Hoffman 184
2.David Maree 176
3.Evan Carstens 170
4.Steve Van Heerden 148
5.Calvin Beneke 138
6.Jean Spies 136
7.Reynard Butler 132
8.Morné Van Niekerk 125
9.Brandon Robin Christians 123
10.Gadi Chait 98

Elite Men Points Race
1.David Maree 38 [176 accum total points]2.Nolan Hoffman 30 [184]3.Brandon Robin Christians 27 [123]4.Steve Van Heerden 23 [148]5.Evan Carstens 20 [17]Elite Men Time Trial
1.Jean Spies 1.08.88 – 40pts [124 accum total points ]2.Evan Carstens 1.11.33 – 38pts [150]3.Reynard Butler 1.11.43 – 36pts [156]4.Bernard Esterhuizen 1.11.57 – 34pts [92]5.Jared Poulton 1.11.69 – 32pts [95]Elite Men Elimination
1.Evan Carstens 40 [112 accum total points]2.Nolan Hoffman 38 [126]3.Calvin Beneke 36 [106]4.Morné Van Niekerk 34 [104]5.Alexander Parsons 32 [35]Elite Men Flying 250m
1.Brandon Robin Christians 16,939 40 [72 accum total points]2.Reynard Butler 17,089 38 [92]3.Bernard Esterhuizen 17,146 36 [52]4.Nolan Hoffman 17,172 34 [88]5.Evan Carstens 17,577 32 [72]Elite Men Individual Pursuit
1.Theuns van der Bank 4:57.82 40 [78 accum total points]2.David Maree 4:59.07 38 [78]3.Nolan Hoffman 5:00.30 36 [54]4.Steve Van Heerden 5:01.56 34 [70]5.Morné Van Niekerk 5:02.78 32 [48]Elite Men Scratch Race
1.David Maree 40 total points
2.Theuns Van Der Bank 38
3.Steve Van Heerden 36
4.Jean Spies 34
5.Calvin Beneke 32
1.Charlene Du Preez 220
2.Maroesjka Matthee 210
3.Elfriede Wolfaardt 207
4.Chante Van Der Merwe 164
5.Elisa Gianchino 160

Elite Women Points Race
1.Charlene Du Preez 26 [220]2.Maroesjka Matthee 24 [210]3.Elfriede Wolfaardt 23 [207]4.Chante Van Der Merwe 10 [164]5.Liezel Du Preez 5 [155]Elite Women Time Trial
1.Charlene Du Preez 38,37 – 40 [194]2.Maroesjka Matthee 39,13 – 38 [186]3.Elisa Gianchino 40,75 – 36 [174]4.Elfriede Wolfaardt 42,63 – 34 [184]5.Chante Van Der Merwe 43,54 – 32 [154]Elite Women Elimination
1.Elfriede Wolfaardt 40 [150]2.Maroesjka Matthee 38 [148]3.Charlene Du Preez 36 [154]4.Chante Van Der Merwe 34 [122]5.Elisa Gianchino 32 [138]Elite Women Flying 250m
1.Charlene Du Preez 19,640 40 [118]2.Elfriede Wolfaardt 20,406 38 [110]3.Elisa Gianchino 20,707 36 [106]4.Maroesjka Matthee 20,716 34 [110]5.Liezel du Preez 21,895 32 [92]Elite Women Individual Pursuit
1.Charlene Du Preez 4:09.05 40 [78]2.Elfriede Wolfaardt 4:12.10 38 [72]3.Maroesjka Matthee 4:18.69 36 [76]4.Elisa Gianchino 4:25.15 34 [70]5.Chante Van Der Merwe 4:26.10 32 [58]Elite Women Scratch Race
1.Maroesjka Matthee 40
2.Charlene Du Preez 38
3.Elisa Gianchino 36
4.Elfriede Wolfaardt 34
5.Liezel Du Preez 32 

1.Damean Oosthuizen 193
2.Jason Oosthuizen 182
3.Joshua Van Wyk 181
4.Dylan Le Roux 180
5.Bradley Gouveris 174

Junior Men Points Race
1.Dylan Le Roux 62 [180]2.Damean Oosthuizen 43 [193]3.Eckhard Binding 33 [120]4.Jarrad Clark 30 [80]5.Jacques Van Niekerk 27 [173]Junior Men Time Trial
1.Bradley Gouveris 1.11.13 – 40 [168]2.Wade Theunissen 1.12.96 – 38 [164]3.Jason Oosthuizen 1.13.36 – 36 [174]4.Anthony Rennie 1.13.60 – 34 [150]5.Jacques Van Niekerk 1.13.97 – 32 [146]Junior Men Elimination
1.Joshua Van Wyk 40 [142]2.Abdul Muttalib Sauls 38 [86]3.Dylan Le Roux 36 [104]4.Damean Oosthuizen 34 [122]5.Jason Oosthuizen 32 [138]Junior Men Flying 250m
1.Wade Theunissen 17,363 40 [104]2.Bradley Gouveris 17,72 38 [108]3.Jason Oosthuizen 17,882 36 [106]4.Anthony Rennie 18,261 34 [100]5.Damean Oosthuizen 18,3 32 [88]Junior Men Individual Pursuit
1.Jason Oosthuizen 3:46.60 40 [70]2.Dylan Le Roux 3:47.65 38 [64]3.Jacques van Niekerk 3:54.27 36 [64]4.Bradley Gouveris 3:54.50 34 [70]5.Joshua Van Wyk 3:55.22 32 [72]Junior Men Scratch Race
1.Joshua Van Wyk 40
2.Anthony Rennie 38
3.Bradley Gouveris 36
4.Wade Theunissen 34
5.Damean Oosthuizen 32
1.Danielle Van Niekerk 195
2.Jennifer Abbot 190
3.Jessica Brown 168
4.Elne Owen 128

Junior Women Points Race
1.Jennifer Abbot 2 [190]2.Danielle Van Niekerk 1 [195]3.Jessica Brown -18 [168]4.Elne Owen -40 [128]Junior Women Time Trial
1.Jennifer Abbot 41,37 – 40 [188]2.Jessica Brown 43,61 – 38 [186]3.Danielle Van Niekerk 43,67 – 36 [194]4.Elne Owen 45,68 – 34 [168]Junior Women Elimination
1.Danielle Van Niekerk 40 [158]2.Jennifer Abbot 38 [148]3.Jessica Brown 36 [148]4.Elne Owen 34 [132]Junior Women Flying 250m
1.Jennifer Abbot 20,495 40 [110]2.Danielle Van Niekerk 20,596 38 [118]3.Jessica Brown 22,438 36 [112]4.Anja Gerber DNS                     
5.Elne Owen DNS                        

Junior Women Individual Pursuit
1.Danielle Van Niekerk 3:03.84 40 [80]2.Jessica Brown 3:04.44 38 [76]3.Anja Gerber 3:04.98 36 [70]4.Jennifer Abbot 3:14.81 34 [70]5.Elne Owen 3:19.61 32 [64]Junior Women Scratch Race
1.Danielle Van Niekerk 40
2.Jessica Brown 38
3.Anja Gerber 34
4.Elne Owen 32
5.Jennifer Abbot 36
1.Keagan Bontekoning 214
2.Divan Barnard 181
3.Whayde Davids 171
4.Linwell Jansen 171
5.Evan Rex 158

U16 Boys Points Race
1.Whayde Davids 19 [171]2.Keagan Bontekoning 18 [214]3.Rickardo Broxham 10 [124]4.Linwell Jansen 9 [171]5.Divan Barnard 5 [181]U16 Boys Time Trial
1.Keagan Bontekoning 38,56 – 40 [196]2.Divan Barnard 39,50 – 38 [176]3.Rickardo Broxham 39,91 – 36 [114]4.Linwell Jansen 41,37 – 34 [162]5.Charl Swanepoel 41,41 – 32 [142]U16 Boys Elimination
1.Keagan Bontekoning 40 [156]2.Whayde Davids 38 [124]3.Divan Barnard 36 [138]4.Linwell Jansen 34 [128]5.Charl Swanepoel 32 [110]Under 16 Boys Flying 250m
1.Rickardo Broxham 19,330 40 [118]2.Keagan Bontekoning 19,418 38 [116]3.Evan Rex 19,612 36 [98]4.Divan Barnard 20,585 34 [102]5.Linwell Jansen 20,882 32 [94]Under 16 Boys Individual Pursuit
1.Rickardo Broxham 2:39.83 40 [78]2.Keagan Bontekoning 2:42.38 38 [78]3.Whayde Davids 2:56.07 36 [58]4.Ceejay Bosman 2:57.82 34 [62]5.Divan Barnard 2:57.99 32 [68]Under 16 Boys Scratch Race
1.Keagan Bontekoning 40
2.Rickardo Broxham 38
3.Divan Barnard 36
4.Evan Rex 34
5.Linwell Jansen 32
1.Ashleigh Parsons 196
2.Kelsey Van Schoor 174

U16 Girls Points Race
1.Ashleigh Parsons 0 [196]2.Kelsey Van Schoor -20 [174]U16 Girls Time Trial
1.Ashleigh Parsons 42,61 – 40 [196]2.Kelsey Van Schoor 43,91 – 38 [194]U16 Girls Elimination
1.Ashleigh Parsons 40 [156]2.Kelsey Van Schoor 38 [156]U16 Girls Flying 250m
1.Kelsey Van Schoor 20,862 40 [118]2.Ashleigh Parsons 21,021 38 [116]U16 Girls Individual Pursuit
1.Ashleigh Parsons 3.04.59 40 [78]2.Kelsey Van Schoor 3.05.00 38 [78] U16 Girls Scratch Race
1.Kelsey Van Schoor 40
2.Ashleigh Parsons 38
1.Thys Oosthuizen 206
2.Justin Seale 192
3.Chrispin Fourie 185
4.Mark-Lister Petersen 182
5.Faizel Hendricks 147

Masters 35-44 Points Race
1.Chrispin Fourie 13 [185]2.Mark-Lister Petersen 10 [182]3.Thys Oosthuizen 10 [206]4.Justin Seale 8 [192]5.Bradley Sean Smith 6 [106]Masters 35-44 Time Trial
1.Thys Oosthuizen 37,01 – 40 [196]2.Justin Seale 37,34 – 38 [184]3.Mark-Lister Petersen 37,49 – 36 [172]4.Bradley Sean Smith 38,78 – 34 [100]5.Chrispin Fourie 39,68 – 32 [172]Masters 35-44 Elimination
1.Thys Oosthuizen 40 [156]2.Chrispin Fourie 38 [140]3.Faizel Hendricks 36 [120]4.Justin Seale 34 [146]5.Mark-Lister Petersen 32 [136]Masters 35-44 Flying 250m
1.Thys Oosthuizen 17,346 40 [116]2.Mark-Lister Petersen 17,351 38 [104]3.Justin Seale 18,813 36 [112]4.Bradley Sean Smith 19,067 34 [106]5.Chrispin Fourie 19,445 32 [102]Masters 35-44 Individual Pursuit
1.Thys Oosthuizen 3:48.16 40 [76]2.Bradley Sean Smith 3:54.44 38 [72]3.Justin Seale 4:06.12 36 [76]4.Mark-Lister Petersen 4:10.64 34 [66]5.Chrispin Fourie 4:19.78 32 [70]Masters 35-44 Scratch Race
1.Justin Seale 40
2.Chrispin Fourie 38
3.Thys Oosthuizen 36
4.Bradley Sean Smith 34
5.Mark-Lister Petersen 32
1.Martin Van Wyk 201
2.Hansie Joubert 188
3.Moses Venceslau 182
4.Stuart Abbot 166
5.Timothy Abbot 164

Masters 45+ Points Race
1.Martin Van Wyk 11 [201]2.Roberto Gnudi 5 [161]3.Hansie Joubert 2 [188]4.Moses Venceslau 0 [182]5.Timothy Abbot 0 [164]Masters 45+ Time Trial
1.Timothy Abbot 36,5 – 40 [164]2.Moses Venceslau 37,4 – 38 [182]3.Martin Van Wyk 37,55 – 36 [190]4.Hansie Joubert 37,69 – 34 [186]5.Stuart Abbot 40,39 – 32 [166]Masters 45+ Elimination
1.Martin Van Wyk 40 [154]2.Hansie Joubert 38 [152]3.Moses Venceslau 36 [144]4.Stuart Abbot 34 [134]5.Andrew Arendse 32 [118]

Masters 45+ Flying 250m
1.Hansie Joubert 18,614 40 [114]2.Timothy Abbot 18,691 38 [96]3.Martin Van Wyk 19,139 36 [114]4.Moses Venceslau 19,401 34 [108]5.Roberto Gnudi 19,805 32 [96]Masters 45+ Individual Pursuit
1.Hansie Joubert 2:36.10 40 [74]2.Martin Van Wyk 2:36.13 38 [78]3.Moses Venceslau 2:39.76 36 [74]4.Stuart Abbot 2:42.89 34 [70]5.Roberto Gnudi 2:50.69 32 [64]Masters 45+ Scratch Race
1.Martin Van Wyk 40
2.Moses Venceslau 38
3.Stuart Abbot 36
4.Hansie Joubert 34
5.Roberto Gnudi 32

Photo credit: Mylene Paynter