Greg Minnaar Keen To ‘Give World Cup A Bash’ Despite Injury

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano (DHI #1) takes place in Lourdes, France from 11-12 April 2015.  Three-times World Champ and multiple World Cup winner, Greg Minnaar is eager to race this weekend, despite his recent injury.  The Santa Cruz Syndicate rider recently suffered an injury to his hand during a DHI practice in New Zealand, which required an operation and four to six weeks of recovery time.

He says:  ‘Its called a Stener Lesion – where the tendon tears away from the bone and cannot re-attach itself.  This means that an operation is required to pin it back to the bone.  I was riding a track with downhill and enduro sections.  I came to a section where there was a single track climb, and must’ve hit a stump awkwardly or something.  I didn’t feel anything straight away, but I heard it.’  Minnaar had also been doing some bike testing in Europe, earlier this month.  He says:  ‘I went to Spain and did some great testing over there.  I’m very happy with my new bike, its very comfortable, and quite a bit bigger than my old bike.  I think, being a tall person, a lengthy bike is just what I need.  I feel that this bike really is going to help me out this season.’

Minnaar then heads off as a Riders Representative to the UCI.  He says:  ‘I get to speak as a rider, and also just listen in on past happenings and future plans.  I also get to give riders a say about what happens on our side.’  Minnaar isn’t feeling the greatest about the race, but is still keen to get back on the bike.  He says:  ‘Look, everybody will have a bad race every once and a while, and I have accepted and come to terms with the fact that this one could be one of mine.  I was given a custom cast to wear that I am able to hold my bike with, so it should help a lot.  As long as I can give it a bash and grab a couple of points then I’m happy.  I don’t even know if I can actually ride yet, so this will be a great test.  I’ve been told that I have to be in a cast for four to six weeks.  Thursday makes it only 2 weeks since the operation, so the practice round this weekend will make it the first time back on my bike since the injury.’

Minnaar is away for the UCI MTB World Cup season, and plans to be back on home soil again in November.  For more information about the UCI MTB Cup, presented by Shimano, click here: