Floyd Mayweather’s Defence

World Boxing Council (WBC) super welterweight and welterweight champion, strictly adheres to the maxim:  “hit without being hit.”  Mayweather achieves harmony through a tight defence offering  few loopholes, where the biggest virtue is counter attacking.  The 38-year old says:  ‘I’ve been inside the ring with fighters who are bigger and stronger than me , but I have defeated them all, not with my speed or power, but with intelligence.’

When the chips are down, most of the American’s rivals have been on the lookout  for the KO, but Mayweather, with his unusual yet highly effective guard and thanks to his speed plus reflexes, has markedly shown them that he’s capable of adapting to or adopting to all kinds of styles, in order to command ultimate victory.  He’s  fought and defeated great fighters including Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya and many others.

He will get in the ring at the MGM Grand of Las Vegas, on May 2nd to fight Filipino sensation Manny Pacquiao, in what’s acknowledged and lauded, as the most anticipated bout in many years.  Pacquiao, with a southpaw guard, has an aggressive style, which is very complicated for most of  his rivals, as he is capable of throwing accurate strong punches from all angles.  And Mayweather will be required to use his tight defence, perhaps like never before.