Cotto Stripped Of WBC Belt

Miguel Cotto has been stripped of his WBC middleweight belt on the eve of his fight against Saul Alvarez in Las Vegas on Saturday.  The title will now only be available to the Mexican should he win however a victory for the Puerto Rican will render the championship vacant.  In a statement, the World Boxing Council says it worked tirelessly through a process that began over two years ago to secure this bout and the organisation is proud of that accomplishment of giving boxing fans around the world a very important fight they want to see.

After several weeks of communications, countless attempts and good faith as well as time extensions, the WBC says Cotto and his promoters did not agree to comply with the WBC Rules & Regulations, while Canelo did.  Accordingly, the WBC must rule on the matter prior to the fight and therefore announced that effective immediately it has withdrawn recognition of Cotto as its middleweight champion.  

Therefore if the Alvarez wins the fight against Cotto, he will be recognised as the WBC middleweight world champion.  The WBC’s decision is premised on the fact that Cotto and his camp are not willing to abide by the governing WBC Rules & Regulations, and the specific conditions the WBC established to sanction the fight.