Cherries Chop Chelsea

AFC Bournemouth snatched a 1-0 victory against Chelsea in their clash at Stamford Bridge on Saturday in the English Premier League.  The whistle sounded to start the match and the Blues fired a flurry of attacks, but Bournemouth put up a solid defence.  The visitors then moved out of first gear putting their hosts on the back foot, scrambling their defence, isolating players and ramping up the pressure.

The home side lost confidence, and it was noted by their rivals who dominated possession, and continually put Thibaut Courtois to the test.  The tempo on the pitch dulled with a lot of play in the midfield, and despite a few shots at goal there were no points on the board.  The Cherries put up a defence that seemed to be impenetrable, and Chelsea’s fast-paced attack gave them a number of opportunities at goal.

At the start of the second stanza the intensity from Jose Mourinho’s men spiked, controlling the ball and the pace.  However, Eddie Howe’s XI were playing more as a unit, which stopped the boys in blue from finishing any useful ball, despite not being able to play their natural game.  Just when it seemed as though the excitement had died altogether, Glenn Murray erupted the crowd in the 82nd minute when he headed in what would prove to be the winner from a corner.

The final 10 minutes saw a desperate surge forward from the Blues in search of an equaliser, but the leaders were able to hold their ground, clear each attack, and win 1-0.