Carina & Henricho Fourth In Dusseldorf

Carina Horn and Henricho Bruintjies both finished fourth in their respective 60 metres sprints at the indoor meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany, on Wednesday night.  Kim Collins (Saint Kitts and Nevis), a former 100m world champion, won the men’s race in 6.53 seconds, with Joe Morris (USA) second in 6.59s and Julian Reus (Germany) third 6.59s.  Bruintjies finished in 6.65s.

The women’s race was won by Ewa Swoboda (Poland) in 7.16s.  Desiree Henry (Britain) was second in 7.21 and Jamile Samuel (Netherlands) third in 7.25s.  Horn’s time was 7.27s.

Both South African athletes are slightly disappointed with the way they performed.  Horn (Tuks/HPC) was actually frustrated.  She says:  ‘My nose started to bleed on the flight to Dusseldorf.  I thought everything was under control but, as luck would have it, just before the heats it started to bleed again.  This was, of course, far from being an ideal situation because it made it difficult for me to focus on what I was meant to do.  Before the finals the doctors did their best to stem the flow of blood.  I guess that, given the circumstances, I should not be too hard on myself.  My time of 7.27 seconds is just 0.07 seconds slower than my South African record of 7.20 seconds.  I know I am capable of running a faster time.  It is just a matter of going out and doing it.  Hopefully, when I race at Karlsruhe on Saturday, I won’t be handicapped by any nasty surprises.’  

Bruintjies’ time was 0.04 seconds faster than the time he ran last Saturday at a league meeting at Pilditch.  Hennie Kriel (coach at Tuks/HPC) says that, under the circumstances, he is satisfied with Bruintjies performance, especially considering that it was the first time he raced indoors:  ‘One of the positives I can take from the race is that Henricho had a better start in Dusseldorf than he had at Pilditch.  The fact that he qualified for the final is also encouraging because some of the top indoor sprinters were competing.  To be honest, Henricho is not quite racing fit at the moment.  I expect his results to improve the more he races.  The same thing happened last year.  He opened his international campaign running 10.30 seconds for the 100 metres and finished with a time of 9.97 seconds.’  Bruintjies will also compete in Karlsruhe on Saturday.

Photo credit: Reg Caldecott