The Canadian F1 Preview: Another Silver Race?

Canada is home to Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Keanu Reeves and the Bieber. All of them entertaining in some way or another, but few as entertaining as the Canadian Grand Prix to be hosted in Montreal this weekend. One of the regulars on the calendar, the Canadian Grand Prix is one of the most popular and most watched sporting events of the year, beaten to the throne only by events like the Super Bowl and UEFA Champions League Final. The Gilles Villeneuve track is exciting to watch with it’s free-flowing design. A couple of fast chicanes, a very slow hairpin and a wall at the exit of the last chicane gives character to the track.

It’s another Grand Prix where Sebastian Vettel has won last year and yet another Grand Prix where he’d hope for some miracle this year. This track is made for speed which would again play into the hands of the Silver Bullets. Ferrari has said that they have made some improvements on the car and Fernando Alonso looked threatening in the first Free Practice, but the Mercedes Team were just warming up and dominated the second session yesterday. One feels sorry for Fernando who is really giving his best and one would think that he’d have a couple of wins this season already if the Ferrari could match the pace of the Mercedes. The Iceman made it clear to the press that he is not happy with the handling of his car although he managed to beat Alonso in the second practice session.

Everyone is hoping for Ferrari and Red Bull to close the gap and I’m sure they’re trying their best and working extra hard during the breaks between races, but for this weekend I don’t see anyone challenging the Mercedes pair unless one of them makes a mistake. Rosberg regained the lead of the Championship after his win in Monaco and you can be sure that Hamilton would want to do something about that.

For the long-time Formula One fans who has been waiting for another Senna vs Prost battle, this might it. Rosberg has proven that he certainly has the skills, enough experience and the concentration levels to take the car home in any race and he will not for one tenth of a second stand back to his more senior partner, Lewis Hamilton. If you love racing you just need to watch Team Mercedes. May the best Silver win.