Bull Keen For Fierce Competition

Sportsnut DH Team rider, Sam Bull is refreshed after his off-season spent with friends and family, and ready for the first 2016 KZNMTB Provincial Enduro and DHI Series – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles, which takes place at St. Ives from 20-21 February.  He says:  ‘I rode every day in my month off, but purely just to be on my bike – we have such amazing riding out here in KZN.  It was so good to be out there and just unwind.’  Bull enjoys being back in the routine of training. 

He says:  ‘It’s always good to have something to follow which keeps you motivated. I want to do well, so I don’t struggle to find the motivation to put in the hard hours.’  In terms of the opening round, Bull hopes to take the title.  He says:  ‘Of course I am hoping to win – you race to win, and if you say you’re not you’re only kidding yourself.  I’m a competitive person so I always want to win.  There are also a lot of fast local guys and up-and-coming young juniors who are riding really well. In these fast, short courses, anything can happen.  These provincials are always a challenge but I enjoy them because they are a challenge, so you’re always putting pressure on yourself.’

Excited about stiff competition, Bull also says that he was glad to see how the sport was growing:  ‘Provincials keep me fresh.  I would’ve planned to be on the bike on a weekend anyway, but it keeps the actual racing fresh.  You can easily go on timed runs on the weekend on your own, but nothing quite matches a race weekend and the environment around it – it keeps you on your toes.  I enjoy it.’  Having never actually raced at the St. Ives course before, Bull mentioned that he was involved in the development and building process of the track:  ‘It’s great when the riding community comes in to help.  Nigel Hicks and crew always do an awesome job, so I love to try and lend a hand, and offer ideas where I can.’

Bull managed to have a few practice runs at the weekend, and said that the course is great.  He says:  ‘It flows, there are some cool jumps and a great shuttle route.  This course is going to be good for people being introduced to the sport to see what it’s all about, enjoy it and have a good weekend.’  On the 2016 season as a whole, Bull mentioned that he has set many personal goals for himself on the bike:  ‘I want to have the season that I know I’m capable of.  I want to put in the work, but also enjoy it – that’s the main thing. I’m really excited for this season and hope it’s going to be a great year.’

Entries for the first round of the 2016 KZNMTB Provincial Enduro and DHI Series – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles are open and close at midnight on Wednesday 17 February 2016. (http://www.roag.co.za/eventinfo.aspx?EventID=1727).  For more information, contact Rebecca Van Der Linde info@kznmtb.co.za.
Photo credit: Marc Farrés