Bosman To Test Herself In Johnson Crane Marathon

Charné Bosman (Nedbank), runner-up in last year’s Comrades, has decided to run only one marathon as part of her preparation leading up to the Two Oceans Ultra-race.  She will compete in the Johnson Crane Marathon in Benoni on Sunday.  The HPC-sponsored athlete says:  ‘My aim is to run a time of about 2 hours 48 minutes.  The plan is to start out at about four minutes per kilometre and then try to finish strongly.’

Bosman’s training seems to be on track because she finished third (37:15) in the George Claassen 10km race during the past weekend.  Bosman says:  ‘At the moment I focus mainly on speed work and on getting stronger by running short steep climbs.  At this stage I also do a lot of long slow distance runs.  I have been working with Candice Attree (biokineticist) in the gym and I can honestly say I have benefitted from it.’  Lindsey Parry (head coach at the HPC) explained that the reason he wants Bosman to run only one marathon is that she is a high profile athlete.

Parry says:  ‘Because everybody recognizes her an athlete like Charne can easily be caught up in all the excitement and hype of a race and end up racing harder than she should.  I have no doubt that Charné is capable of running a time faster than two hours and 48 minutes, but I don’t want her to do so.  A 2:48 race is hard but it won’t ‘kill her’.  It is important that it should not be necessary for to take time off from training after having run a marathon.  I am planning for Charné to do quite a few 42 to 45 kilometres runs during training sessions.’

Perry says he is quite excited about the way Bosman’s training has been going:  ‘Since last year’s Comrades  everything has gone according to plan.  She has not missed a day’s training and, more importantly, she is injury free.’