Benfica Breaks Galatasaray Hearts

Benfica has reclaimed top spot in Uefa Champions League Group C, after a 2-1 victory over Galatsaray on Tuesday, in Lisbon, ending the Turkish side’s hopes of progression.  Stakes were high in this clash, as the Portuguese club was looking to trump the Turks to return to the top of the standings, while Gala was looking to keep itself in the race for the knockout stage.  In the first stanza, Raul Jimenez launched the first attack in the fifth minute, but Fernando Muslera did well to do his goalkeeping duties.

As the first 20 minutes passed, the score stood at 0-0, with Rui Vitoria’s men dominating possession, and territory, but Hamza Hamzaoglu’s men were not making it easy.  The score remained goalless as the first 45 came to an end.  The second half began with a Yellow-Reds kick off, but possession was swiftly reclaimed by the Reds.  Lisbon erupted as Jonas Oliveira found the back of the net from five yards out, in the 52nd minute, scoring the opening goal of the match, putting Benfica in the lead by 1-0.

Lukas Podolski found the right corner of the net, levelling the score in the 58th minute.  After a series of frantic passes, Luisao found another goal under the right corner of the crossbar 12 minutes later, taking the score to 2-1 for Vitoria’s troops.  The last 20 minutes of the encounter, along with four minutes stoppage time, saw Hamzaoglu’s men fighting for an equaliser, but to no avail.

The final whistle blew at 2-1 for the Lisbon team, who reclaim their top spot, stopping the Turks in their tracks with the same score that won Galatasaray the match against Benfica last month.