Ajax Out Of Africa

Ajax Cape Town has been forced to withdraw from participation in this year’s CAF Confederation Cup.  The club said in a statement, it had been unable to secure the safety of its players for a trip to Angola despite multiple efforts to get all arrangements in place.  The statement says:  ‘We are bitterly disappointed that our players, who were looking forward to representing their country in continental competition, are now denied the opportunity of a lifetime but we are forced to put their welfare ahead of their dreams.  Ajax Cape Town has been attempting for weeks to seek clarity from the Angolan Football Federation as regards the internal travel arrangements for the match against Sagrada Esperanca in Dundo on Saturday, February 13.’

According to the Urban Warrriors, it is the responsibility of the Angolans to ensure internal travel but they have been unwilling, despite numerous requests by e-mail and fax, to give Ajax details of their internal flights.  The Cape Town club says:  ‘We have been in almost daily contact, left to plead for information but have been kept in the dark.  Our own investigations reveal that there are problems with the airport in Dundo, where the match is scheduled to take place.  It is currently closed due to construction upgrades.  The nearest alternative airport is Lucapa.  However, the landing strip consists only of gravel which means that only certain types of aircrafts are able to land there.  It is not possible to travel to Dundo by bus from Luanda, where we are due to arrive from Cape Town.  It is a road trip of 1 200km and takes 18 hours.’

Confederation of African Football competition rules state no bus trip may exceed 200km to and from the venue where the match is to take place.  The club also says it could not secure insurance:  ‘The main concern for the club is the safety of the players.  With no definite logistical plan, no specs of the aircraft and no guarantee of times, we were unable to secure insurance for our trip.  The visas and vaccinations were done for our entire squad specifically for the CAF Confederation Cup.  We were holding onto our flights and accommodation bookings until the last moment.  The club finds that it would be irresponsible to travel without at least an approximate itinerary as well as without insurance.’